Voluptuous and Rubens versus the Tyranny of the Slim.--------- Fat or fatness has been the point of contention for society for centuries. When hunger was rampant, the size of your gut was looked upon with desire – the beauty in the Baroque forms of Skin and flesh from Bernini to Rubens. Today in modern society the slim, athlete rule fashion and the movie screen. As with society, Architecture has gone through similar transformations. Since the introduction of the International Building style in 20th century, the modern building has become thin, slick, and high tech. Yet, unarguably, voluptuous and overweight buildings equal more space and new opportunities. I look not to a return to the old building construction, fat structures, but a change of perception to fat volumes and thin structures due to new technologies. Just as the Maison Domino [1], Fat Domino looks to change your view of what is possible. Surfaces are merely skins filled with material that can be mass or void. Their construction can be made from a variety of methodology ranging from parametric paneling, pre-preg resin skins, spray concrete, to numerous other techniques available today [2]. Whatever physical manifestation, this project looks to reevaluate the model and find new value where olds values have been exhausted. Just as much as the domino is not only the sum of its parts, Slabs, columns, stairs and footings are all elements just as much as the objects they create. Fat Domino does not look to remove them from discussion but to challenge their reading and question their functionality through ornament, space, and structure [3].

Project Details


DATE : 2015